Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations at


A good institution must have prescribed Rules and Regulations and must enforce these uniformly.
With this understanding we must ensure the following:-

A: Personal Grooming

Simplicity and smartness being the key root to the institution, the following must be ensured:

  • ✔  Every student comes to school smartly and neatly dressed and in correct school uniform.
  • ✔  Boys will keep their hair short while girl will dress their hair tidily by tying them back, if it is long.

B: Regularity and Punctuality

1.  Our student must be 'On Time and Ready to Learn'. Hence, pupils must be regular and punctual.
     All to be in school before 8:00 A.M. in winter and before 7:30 A.M. in summer.

2.  Pupils who are habitually late for school are liable to be sent home.

3.  Parents must plan their holidays/excursions in such a way that school attendance is not effected.
     Also appointment with doctors, dentist etc. must not be arranged during school hours.

4.  Leave or absence will be granted only on a previously written application and only for
     very serious reasons.

5.  In case of absence without leave, the absence must be explained in writing and also entered
     in the School diary. The parent should sign it. Finally, the same must be signed by the Principal
     before the child is allowed into the class.

6.  Pupils suffering from any infectious disease like measles, chicken pox, mumps etc. will not be
     allowed to attend the School unless the suggested quarantine period is over. Also they must bring an
     authorized M.B.B.S. Doctor's certificate to state that they are free from infection.


8.  Homework given should be done regularly.

9.  A ninety percent(90%) attendance is necessary for Promotion.

C: Discipline

  The school environment has to be one of discipline and learning.
  This demands that the following be kept in mind:

⚫  There is an atmosphere of order and silence in school, which is conductive to good learner.

⚫  Especially outside the Principal's office, the staff rooms, the library and the corridors, there
     should be order and silence.

⚫  During break time all students must leave their classrooms and come out to play fields.

⚫  No child is permitted to leave class without permission from the teacher concerned.

Success Oriented

One of Heritage's foremost vision is to carve out best in our students.

From Pricipal's Desk