President Message

President Message

Education today is a challenge. This challenge was never greater before. The opportunities never more present as they are today. Therefore the need for success is absolutely vital.

And so, as I put my thoughts on paper I once again realize that how very quickly another Academic Year in School has come to an end. With this realization comes another even stronger thought.

I have learnt that every student, every teacher, every parent and guest who has journeyed with us, for however short a period, has made massive contribution to the building up of this great institution, The Heritage School.

Well established traditions were laid for this institution when it was started in 1953. Traditions which even today lay emphasis on strong family ties, independent thinking, a rich Academic experience, an all round participation and a very strong sense of community service.

To all those who do everything they can to follow these values, my sincere thanks. You are the heart and soul of this fine school.

Good luck to all Heritagians in 2017 and beyond. May your lives ahead always be prosperous and filled with joy, good health and success.

With Best Wishes,

President: Ch.Avadhesh Kumar
Estd. : 1953