International Collaboration

International Collaboration


International Model United Nations Summer Camp Frederick, Washington DC ( US )

6 May 2011 - Mr. Seth A Roberts visited The Heritage School to apprise students about the IMUN, (International Model United Nations) Summer Camp programme to be conducted by UNESCO in Washington DC (US) Mr, Seth A Roberts, a social studies teacher explained in detail the special significance of this camp wherein young student-delegates from the world over meet in a group to live together as well as to discuss global issues. The most pertinent being World Peace. These young delegates play the role of ambassador-delegates, representing different countries of the world.

The culuminating event of the Summer Camp in a three days Model united nations Simulation where youngsters gain International perspective, develop critical thinking skills, gain public speaking experience and above all are enriched with an unforgettable exposure as young ambassadors capable of addressing global issues.

15 July 2011- Aditya Semwal of class X of The Heritage School a young student delegate, along with Mr. Vikrant Chaudhary, Director of IMUN Summer Camp to be held in Frederick, in Maryland (US). In Aditya Semwal's words " A wonderful global exposure to global issues. I learnt that as young delegates we have to bring in Peace. We have to discus peace issues and work today to promote it. Tomorrow may be too late. Debate and dialogue are most important if issues are to be resolved."

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